Accelerate your career with Axiom Group

Axiom Group builds elite research and engineering teams in collaboration with the founders of VC backed technology companies and quantitative trading firms. We rapidly address our clients’ critical hiring needs with talent that can solve some of the hardest machine learning and distributed systems problems.  Our work spans executive through Senior IC searches.

Foundation of integrity.

Track record of results.  

Axiom’s founder, Brennan Hughes, has personally completed 250+ searches for niche research and engineering roles since 2007.  He forms deep, operating partnerships with his clients, and provides the highest level of service to his candidates.

Quant Trading

Founded in 2009, Axiom Group has completed 200+ complex searches in the quantitative trading sector. We are deeply engaged with an elite group of quantitative trading firms around the world. Our team understands the nuances of research, engineering, and trading, with 10+ years of recruitment and operating experience.

Hard Tech

Axiom Group partners with companies that are pursuing technology with paradigm shifting potential. We develop deep relationships with researchers and engineers that are driving innovation across real-time machine learning, distributed systems, and hardware acceleration. Our research driven approach allows us to achieve a <5 to 1 resume to offer ratio.